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Horse Gait Problems


Good Evening Horse lovers, I'm really worried about my large quarter horse gait issues.  I own a 7year old gelding and have since he was born.  I show western/english and compete in endurance races.  Well I started working him for my next 25 mile race and I noticed that he was hitting himself on the back fetlock.  Just once in awhile.  So I got him adjusted by a great chiropractor before the race.  We did the race but he really started hitting his back leg and caused a large gash and soreness.  I ended up having to put him on antibiotics and a 3 week rest.  I rode him yesterday and he is still having the problem.  I notice that once I would put him in a right lead canter he would pin his ears back in pain.  I'm going to talk to my chiropractor again to see what he can do.  But.....has anyone dealt with something like this and have any ideas?  Help me.  Thanks  Leah

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